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Poultry Saddles worn by Hens at Jimmys Farm
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Basic Saddles are a must if you have an over active Cockerel as it will protect the feathers and skin on the hens back.

Saddles can also be used to prevent sunburn if you have a hen that has lost a lot of feathers, they are also excellent for covering up injury's  that would otherwise be exposed for other hens to peck.

Butterfly saddles with wing protection have been designed for hens that are breeding with a cockerel which not only damages the back feathers but also damages the top of the wings, this can cause the wings to become very sore, Butterfly Saddles cover the back and the wings so giving the hen the protection she needs.

Fleece lined saddles give your hen that extra warmth and comfort over the winter months and also keeps her dry.

The saddles are made from canvas  and are waterproof

  We are based at Diss Norfolk.